NCT Diary Sept 27-Oct 11

Sept 27: another awesome breakfast at Blue Water Cafe, then sit in the sun digesting pancakes. Hard to hitch out of this town, so we walk most of it before catching a ride for the last mile on the highway. Somehow I've got a super quick pace and we crush 10 miles before stopping at a beautiful viewpoint to dry out the tent. Spend nearly am hour in the sun watching the currents move in Lake Superior. Our only legal camping is in 20 miles so we're in no rush. Texting with my mom about arrangements for the end of trail - the end of the trail feels real!! Dilletantes at camp of course get there first and take up too much space, big tents set up far apart. North Face nuptse jacket & pump filter, hanging entire pack like a bear bag over the only good flat ground; rude amateur

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